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Join the social media platform for African creatives to connect, create, learn and earn.

Music Curator, Ghana

Photography, Kenya

Musician, UK

Model, Congo

Fashion Designer, Ghana

We’re here to spark innovation by uncovering and stimulating African talent

Connect 😎

Connect 😎

Cliques and circles? We don’t do that here. In the Comma Community, it’s a global link-up for creatives, mentors and agencies.

Create 🤘

Create 🤘

This is your very own digital exhibition! Take control of our fully customisable project builder to flaunt the best of your creative work.

Learn & Earn🤑

Learn & Earn🤑

Finally get your coins. Land your next creative gig from anywhere in the world with our job boards.

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What is our mission?

To connect African creatives to lucrative opportunities

We're a home for budding creatives - the new commas. For the experts, you're welcome here too. We're more than a directory, we're an African creative ecosystem.

Every New Comma is a chance for rebels to wreak havoc in the creative scene, and we're here to give them what they need to do so.

What's at stake?

Africa’s share of the global creative economy is less than 1%

Our mission is to ensure African creatives tap into the $2.25 trillion Global Creative and Cultural Industry in a way that doesn't require them to dilute who they are to be accepted by the rest of the world.

Here’s what people are looking forward to on New Comma

I'm most excited about connecting with other creatives (especially other female creatives! #heygirl) and finding freelancing jobs in my niche.

Norkor Nortey

Graphic Designer

We are a generation who wants to heal our home through thoughtful design and innovative forms of expression. We thrive in community and paving a way for a new landscape across the continent is going to take a tribe of New Commas.

Benita Nartey

Architectural and Interior Designer

Filmmaking is one of the most collaborative storytelling forms. #CommaCommunity feels like a buffet, but with many talents. I love being a part of a fearless generation defining what it means to be African, and talented AF.

Joe Wackle


I’m excited to be a part of the Comma Community, to meet & e-meet like-minded creatives seeking to support each other on our creative journeys which aren't always so clearly defined. It’ll be awesome to have a platform that provides some support to us creatives.

Tomisin Akins


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I’m not an African creative, can I still join NewComma?

Of course! Although New Comma is a space for African creatives to connect, create, learn and earn, it’s also open to people of all ethnicities looking to hire and mentor them.

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